Conspiracy Theory

This type of thinking has had a slow creep into today’s society.

With events and worldly situations cultivating this sort of thought. As I’ve said before, nothing is an accident. It’s all been a deliberate attempt to have people doubt what is happening in the world.

It is a doubled edged sword as it makes people obsess about the world. The world which we’re supposed to overcome.

Now conspiracy theorists tend to be wary of the world, but unfortunately they can be too wary and develop a habit of mind, which goes looking for conspiracies, which people like Alex Jones or David Icke for example have exploited, there is now a market for it, for this type of thought.

Whether they’re true or not isn’t important, the fact that you’re thinking about worldly events in the first place, is enough for those in power and in the know, at least to their minds, because they know you don’t know yours.

The irrigation of the world, is the source of confusion in people, and hypocrisy and confusion is indeed the seed they intend to sow into the soul, which then shines this knowledge into our mind. We buy into these theories (Including News) and then Sell (pass it on to others) Getting rich off it’s merchandise. Without this mark, we’re not subject to it’s delusions and lies, since we would only have the truth of the Father within us.

We need to learn to be guarded of the things of the world, and regain control of our mind. Learning to trust only in the Father, and not the things of the world, which Jesus said, the works of which are evil. So care not for tomorrow, because they’ll always will be evil of the day to confront. Instead turn to your Father in Heaven, and be renewed in mind. Seek after his righteousness, and ask for spiritual revelations.

The Father will add all things via revelations, transferring the knowledge you need, to help you overcome the wiles of your soul, and the evil of the world. We need to stop listening, and making other humans beings into idols, who’s word we follow to the letter.

We’re Fallen Angels and as such, NONE are good, none are righteous. Only the Father , the God of Heaven, the living God is righteous, and only he can save you from this world, with his righteousness and revelations. Transforming our minds, back into the pure state it formerly once had.

EVERYTHING in this world is against that aim. If it’s not of the Father it is of Satan. And this is his world of good and evil, and he rules over our minds, made in the image of the Father (spirit) using his child, the Soul (heart) within each and every one of us. The world feeds it daily, and we receive its plagues daily.

It is time to come out of her, this great city that encompasses the whole world, that has deceived us all.


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